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Still Spineless: Crows Still Spineless: Crows

Rated 4 / 5 stars

what stood out the most was the sound design. that was amazingly well done. whoever did this YOU DID AN AMAZING JOB. the first picture I've liked a lot. nice framing. i wish you would just put your animation into after effects or put the first scene into a movie clip and make it move up and down a tiny bit, you know like a "breathing camera" if you know what I mean. Also wish you would have used some shading on the characters like when the creature rips out guts it kinda annoyed me that there was no shading. anyways the music sets a great mood. I did NOT fully finish your movie (no time) so the 4 star rating might be unfair but i do not know how newgrounds rating sytem works. if I give you NO STARS because I just wanted to let you know how I feel about the sound design I am afraid it might ruin your overall score and I do not want to be a dick just because I personally didn't finish your work. You definitely seem to be on the right track. So just keep it up and keep creating stuff. I just thought: damn with some subtle touches it could look cooler like adding a vignette or something. So yeh this is just some personal advice you might take into consideration for the next time or you are like: fuck this guy- what does he even know. he didnt even finish it. cheers

Anton-Michael responds:

Nah dude, you made some great points!

I was actually going to add that 'breathing camera' but this was my first time using an editing software with animation and it was Premiere. Halloween deadline was coming up fast so I couldn't really learn it in time.

I would love to try out some shading next time and more dramatic lighting too, I gotta learn all that stuff first though :Q

The sound design was done by me! I really enjoyed it too, I love horror game soundtracks and really wanted to try composing music in that genre!!

I hope you come back and finish the movie sometime heh

Bart Gets A Girlfriend!!! Bart Gets A Girlfriend!!!

Rated 4 / 5 stars

First of all I am rating you high because you are a fellow European brother. Since English isn't my native language I am always intimidated to do animations where I do the voices myself. I am lacking the balls to do such a thing and I am always afraid Americans will get pissed off and angry at me. you were just like "fuck it" and recorded your own voice. thumbs up for that!
I have always been a big Simpsons fan but I would say the Simpsons were funny in the last millennium so now they just suck. In fact there are more SHIT episodes than good episodes by now which is VERY sad. My favourite part was the Harlem Shuffle part or whatever the fuck its called because I could actually imagine to see that in The Simpsons- that was SPOT ON! Also as a Simpsons fan I feel like there wasnt much violence in the Simpsons or a thing like BLOOD- then Family Guy and South Park came around and the simpsons noticed: oh those shows are more "extreme" and while those shows (i love south park as well) were doing what the simpsons had STARTED the simpsons suddenly felt like ripping those shows off and added violence into the simpsons. that just doesnt fit and its wrong and i think thats exactly what you showed in your movie as well. so yeh nice work.

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W.B.O. Plushie Lyra? W.B.O. Plushie Lyra?

Rated 5 / 5 stars

haha nice work. I really like the way your outlines look like. Also nice work with your facial expressions. I like those ink spot backgrounds that reminded me a bit of Ren and Stimpy.

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Tiny Dangerous Dungeons Tiny Dangerous Dungeons

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great game. I love it. Wonderful ideas, catchy song, beautiful graphics. I could be writing so much but I am writing this review because I am STUCK in this game: Once I got the throwing knives I've no idea where to go to. There is one special door I can enter where the music stops playing but if I jump I only end up in the water (I see a crate/chest on the other side but I can't reach it). I can go out and walk to the left where I have to kill two bats but once again I only see water and I will jump to my death if I try to get there.
Can anyone help me, please? Just write me a PM. Thank you very much.

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Tukky's Christmas 2 Tukky's Christmas 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

cute little platformer

this is a pretty lovely christmas game. the engine seems flawless and the level design is quite clever. in some cases it can be a bit annoying because its like the leap of faith in iniana jones 3 but luckily i always landed on a platform. yet kinda scary.

i found all those hidden passages to be quite clever and exciting to find.
i really liked the idea of getting new skills. this turns this little cute christmas game into a metroidvania. just trying out to jump up any area i could jump up whether it was with the double jump or wall jump just to find a hidden presents adds a lot of exploration and fun to this game.
great character design in that game. i just love how happy that little mouse dude looks and how his ears wave around when he is doing his little silly walk cycle.
so overall a good game with a good engine, nice music and nice graphics. i also liked the idea that this game was happening in a certain time span where you first see the happy sun with that happy face and then it tuns night and the moon comes out (which is lacking a face). one improvement: i would have loved to know how many levels there are and WHAT level i am currently in. i just walked from level to level and after a while i felt kinda lost "hm what level am i in now? how many more to go?" thats something that could be easily added.

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This Game Makes Sense This Game Makes Sense

Rated 5 / 5 stars

great game

but level 18 is a cunt. played for 30 minutes. overall EVERY LEVEL is a cunt so why do i enjoy torturing myself so badly? i was like OH FUCK OFF at every level but i just couldnt stop and needed to know what comes next / how many levels this game has. i hope its only 20 and i was close to the end. im wondering how much time you spend TESTING this and figuring out your level designs are even possible. it kinda makes me laugh a bit to see this coded in flash where i think it could be done so quickly and easily in tgf 2- poor clickteam no one is using their products even in cases when they are perfect for the final product. anyways super game. trippy art, if the music hadnt been so great i would have given up way earlier. loved all the fucked up details and also laughed my ass off about your ideas and art. it has some really cheesy and "crap" touch and thats why i love it. like its the stuff i would show around at work and everyone was like : WTF IS THAT CRAP? YOU ARE WEIRD- thats how i like my games/movies. so great work. especially for the time you had. now i hope this also gets front page. cheers

Manly-Chicken responds:

It was 20 levels ;)

It also got the front page, for like 30 minutes...

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Do A Barrel Roll Remix Do A Barrel Roll Remix

Rated 3 / 5 stars

nice and fun song with a great tune

I really like the fact you give credit to Dschinghis Khan for their song Moskau which you are covering there. seriously come on man this way people will think you made it all up yourself and won't even know its a remake / cover.

lets just simply ignore this fact. little yank kids won't even notice. ignorance is a bliss yadda yadda

Afternoon Glow Afternoon Glow

Rated 5 / 5 stars

shit man

your music is so good! i love this! great song. very well done i think. the bass line that later comes in is probably a bit TOO heavy. maybe you can try to tone it down a bit?

Phillip J. Fry Phillip J. Fry

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

very good

this is very good. i like it a lot. overall i like the original song and i like the remix they use in futurama. i also like how your song loops very well. you know originally the song was written by Pierre Henry and it's named Psyché Rock. its from 1967. the futurama theme is just a remix. you can hear the original on youtube. i did a search for you so you can hear the original version. this is RELATED to your song so I hope NG won't delete my account or stuff just because i want to talk about your song. oh i think it would be nicer if you could get rid of the voice samples in the song though so everybody can use it in their flash projects. here is the youtube video with the original song mUz84 and that was in 1967 IMPRESSIVE if you ask me

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Peptotrippin responds:

That shit is a fucking mindtrip.


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Love isn't complicated Love isn't complicated

Rated 5 / 5 stars

hey i am german but i know the english (or american?) expression: if you love me you also have to love my dog- in this case it is a cat. so given that there is this saying or expression i feel like this comic has a way deeper meaning and is even cuter and nicer than it might seem on the first look. like if you say you also have to like or love my dog it means to like all the weird or maybe bad attitudes of a person. just accept how one rolls. now with a cat instead of a dog it might mean even more like he might have some insanely sick sex fetish but she accepts that anyways. THE CAT IS A METAPHOR. you know the cat being the symbol for loners. active people who go out, participate in sports ie running always have a dog while loners are cat people- think of the crazy cat lady SO actually he is a loner and there is no female around to like him. heck maybe even schrödingers cat doesn't exist and all this is just happening in his head. what a sad comic and no i am not reading too much into all this. i am just being reasonable.

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Last words Last words

Rated 5 / 5 stars

in the thumbnail i thought this was yoda related. it somewhat is.

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Weakness Weakness

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

He wasn't even black. I love all your stuff. Seriously all your comics. You are the reason I still log onto Newgrounds so keep up the amazing work. You are an inspiration in every field. Great humour and an art style I just love and admire.