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Love isn't complicated Love isn't complicated

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hey i am german but i know the english (or american?) expression: if you love me you also have to love my dog- in this case it is a cat. so given that there is this saying or expression i feel like this comic has a way deeper meaning and is even cuter and nicer than it might seem on the first look. like if you say you also have to like or love my dog it means to like all the weird or maybe bad attitudes of a person. just accept how one rolls. now with a cat instead of a dog it might mean even more like he might have some insanely sick sex fetish but she accepts that anyways. THE CAT IS A METAPHOR. you know the cat being the symbol for loners. active people who go out, participate in sports ie running always have a dog while loners are cat people- think of the crazy cat lady SO actually he is a loner and there is no female around to like him. heck maybe even schrödingers cat doesn't exist and all this is just happening in his head. what a sad comic and no i am not reading too much into all this. i am just being reasonable.

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Last words Last words

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in the thumbnail i thought this was yoda related. it somewhat is.

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Weakness Weakness

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

He wasn't even black. I love all your stuff. Seriously all your comics. You are the reason I still log onto Newgrounds so keep up the amazing work. You are an inspiration in every field. Great humour and an art style I just love and admire.


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can't stop laughing

seems only reasonable. you know asia- lady boys and stuff.

Valentine's day. Valentine's day.

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haha einfach nur geil. i couldn't agree more!

That warm feeling That warm feeling

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wonderful work

it's just very disappointing to see that this piece only has one review so far. its also disappointing to see that i cant come up with yn good text to express my feelings about this piece. well i guess i really like the facial expressions and soft water colours. i also like the fact they have red noses. im a sucker for red noses. every time i draw red noses people ask me "do your people have a cold" just fuck off. the same would also go for people who say "are your people drunk?" they can fuck off as well but no one is creative enough to come up with that question. anyways what im trying to say here is that its a lovely piece of work and even if there isnt a storm of reviews fuck it cause your piece is awesome. i really like the LEFT eyebrow of that chick. i somehow think it wasnt intended to look like that / you were trying to mirror the faces so her left looks like her right so both sides are equal. we all know real human faces arent symetric so i think its awesome you can see that slight difference on that chicks face even if it was probably unintentional. also with the left eye brow up it gives her a certain look as if she was ... i dont really know... probably a really cynical bitch haha
also this reminds me of The Doors for some reason. got some 60s touch/vibe to it. oh and i also love how his skin is dark blue and her's is light blue. keep up the great work.

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Johannek responds:

oooh, thank you for this long review mark!
Yeah i just found out that red noses are awesome, haha. I was trying to point out the ''warm areas''. if that makes any sense.
The eyebrow was unintentional, haha. But everyone can interpret this any way they want!
And funny you should say that, The doors are one of my favorite bands! Thank you so much for your kind words! :)

Bobs Burgers Bobs Burgers

Rated 4 / 5 stars

ive no idea what boob burgers are

but of my local mc donalds had them im sure id order them every day. i like boobies. so what is that show? its nice you did very very subtle shading under the nose and her legs.

Dr. Robotnik Dr. Robotnik

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i love you for calling him robotnik

and not fucking egghead. ive no real clue why they had to switch to egghead but id say at that point sonic turned shit. i really love this one. how bushy the bear is. the detail on the lips, the teeth, the shadow around the evil eyes, little details like that smoke on the bottom. really wonderful and great work. now im curious whats coming in 2013.

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Smash Time! Smash Time!

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i love this

i really do

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Pegosho responds:

Thanks Mark!

23 23

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i love the choice of colours and shading. also the textures like the texture on the orange makes it look really realistic. great colourful work which is a mix between 60s pop art and the 80s because of the bright neon colours. those green arrows / flashes add some graffity vibe from the 90s to it so its all in the mix.

ive to admit i first thought this is samus aran because of the blue suit. are you still in the uk or back again?

sucho responds:

buh its not a suuuuuit.....