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Tiny Dangerous Dungeons Tiny Dangerous Dungeons

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great game. I love it. Wonderful ideas, catchy song, beautiful graphics. I could be writing so much but I am writing this review because I am STUCK in this game: Once I got the throwing knives I've no idea where to go to. There is one special door I can enter where the music stops playing but if I jump I only end up in the water (I see a crate/chest on the other side but I can't reach it). I can go out and walk to the left where I have to kill two bats but once again I only see water and I will jump to my death if I try to get there.
Can anyone help me, please? Just write me a PM. Thank you very much.

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Tukky's Christmas 2 Tukky's Christmas 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

cute little platformer

this is a pretty lovely christmas game. the engine seems flawless and the level design is quite clever. in some cases it can be a bit annoying because its like the leap of faith in iniana jones 3 but luckily i always landed on a platform. yet kinda scary.

i found all those hidden passages to be quite clever and exciting to find.
i really liked the idea of getting new skills. this turns this little cute christmas game into a metroidvania. just trying out to jump up any area i could jump up whether it was with the double jump or wall jump just to find a hidden presents adds a lot of exploration and fun to this game.
great character design in that game. i just love how happy that little mouse dude looks and how his ears wave around when he is doing his little silly walk cycle.
so overall a good game with a good engine, nice music and nice graphics. i also liked the idea that this game was happening in a certain time span where you first see the happy sun with that happy face and then it tuns night and the moon comes out (which is lacking a face). one improvement: i would have loved to know how many levels there are and WHAT level i am currently in. i just walked from level to level and after a while i felt kinda lost "hm what level am i in now? how many more to go?" thats something that could be easily added.

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This Game Makes Sense This Game Makes Sense

Rated 5 / 5 stars

great game

but level 18 is a cunt. played for 30 minutes. overall EVERY LEVEL is a cunt so why do i enjoy torturing myself so badly? i was like OH FUCK OFF at every level but i just couldnt stop and needed to know what comes next / how many levels this game has. i hope its only 20 and i was close to the end. im wondering how much time you spend TESTING this and figuring out your level designs are even possible. it kinda makes me laugh a bit to see this coded in flash where i think it could be done so quickly and easily in tgf 2- poor clickteam no one is using their products even in cases when they are perfect for the final product. anyways super game. trippy art, if the music hadnt been so great i would have given up way earlier. loved all the fucked up details and also laughed my ass off about your ideas and art. it has some really cheesy and "crap" touch and thats why i love it. like its the stuff i would show around at work and everyone was like : WTF IS THAT CRAP? YOU ARE WEIRD- thats how i like my games/movies. so great work. especially for the time you had. now i hope this also gets front page. cheers

Manly-Chicken responds:

It was 20 levels ;)

It also got the front page, for like 30 minutes...

Friday: The Game Friday: The Game

Rated 5 / 5 stars

pretty good so far

but why doesn't: take soap / use soap / use soap with dress

anything soap related work

i could wash my hands but "something is missing" so i wanted to wash my hands with the soap but that doesnt work either


Manly-Chicken responds:

soap and sink.

A Small Car A Small Car

Rated 5 / 5 stars


first of all this game has great graphics. i have to admit i didnt know this was possible with flash. yeh ive seen doom redone in flash but doom is still very mod7 like while this one got a real 3d feeling. i assume thanks to stuff like paper vision and flexel this game is possible. correct me if i am mistaken. so like i have said the graphics are great. they are outstanding from the average graphics you find in flash and also seem really cute. overall the whole presentation is good. on the technical side the game seems high class. the music is also fun and overall the whole game is entertaining. good work.

Fly Away! Fly Away!

Rated 0 / 5 stars

quite artistic

i dont really know how many starts to give this so since i dont want to be rude i dont give any stars. i have never been a fan of the star system anyways. its stupid. i think that way people avoid commenting on stuff which is really a shame so fuck the system and fuck newgrounds system. newgrounds can fuck off anyways.

so anyways i think the game is really a nice idea and something artistic. i like the music and the different words and meanings you put into it. thats basically all i can say. i dont know how high you can fly because i gave up after a while so sorry if there is something more to come. tell me if there is and i will try it again. still nice work. i hope people wont delete it :)

4mlr responds:

Hello, you are as closest to the end as the color of background is darkest. Try to finish the game! In the end - happy end :)

VDay Blast VDay Blast

Rated 0 / 5 stars

for some reason i dont get this to work

i click everywhere and nothing happens at all. i even pressed a lot of keyboard keys. whats up with that? tried it in IE and FF.

Spacewalk's Adventure Spacewalk's Adventure

Rated 3 / 5 stars

ive actually enjoyed this

sure it is full of bugs and items come back if you enter the screen again and blah blah blah but whatever i enjoyed playing this game. also the music and sounds are missing but i can imagine this was really rushed so its a cool game.

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Bird Smasher Bird Smasher

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Work on it more and turn this into a REAL game

As much as I love Aphex Twin and ambient music I think it just doesn’t fit to this game at all. The happy in game music fits though but there is a bug: If you click on replay there won’t be any ingame music anymore. This is kind of odd to me. I mean you should have noticed if you had tested this game.
The art style is just lovely but then the backgrounds seem to be a bit dull and not too entertaining while you have really nice characters. The walking animation is hilarious and those birds just give me some warm and fuzzy feeling. So a big PLUS for the style. I haven’t tried submitting a score so I don’t know if this is coded well or not. Overall the coding is done good with some minor collision problems- like I would jump to the next platform and see myself falling through it but then I probably missed it by only one pixel and it made the game look like a bit buggy while it was completely my fault. I’m not sure about that so I can’t judge about it- let’s see if others have discovered that as well (otherwise it’s all my fault and I’m a dumb video gamer).
So the Presentation of this game is good. The Gameplay is nothing special, really. It’s more like getting to know Action Script and turning that into a game. It’s a nice showcase of your Action Script skills and Graphic skills but I don’t consider it to be a full game yet. Well what can I say about lastability. The game was interesting for about 5 minutes but I don’t see why I should try to come back to it. There really isn’t any replay factor which is sad because this could be a great game with some little tweaks. Who knows maybe you develop this game a bit more and make part 2- it could be really awesome. I suggest more platforms so that you can jump up and down and different levels while this is only walking from the left to the right. You could add birds that fly from the right to the left and you have to jump down on a platform underneath you to avoid that flying bird or something like that. What I’m trying to say- this game has got a lot of potential. A good scripter teamed up with a good animator but the result is a dull game that doesn’t look too much like a game and nothing I would really want to play. It’s also sad that you didn’t bother to add any sounds- a game without sounds feels naked- I also give a low score on music because Aphex Twin doesn’t fit and there is that sound bug I already mentioned. Good luck for the next game or part 2- you guys surely have the skills to make something amazing SO DO IT!

Escape from CampHostility Escape from CampHostility

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Too god damn hard = no fun

First of all it’s great you make a game where you DON’T play Pico on Pico Day. As always the graphics are awesome. You are an impressive animator, Luis. I just wish your games would be as great as your movies though. The intro is a great piece of animation and the music fits perfectly to it. The combination of the bear’s paw and the music that fits exactly is just stunning. Once again you show what for a skilled animator you are but that’s about it. Sure it’s an interactive movie but it’s not just a movie- it’s an INTERACTIVE movie and this is where this submission starts to suck. This game is just too incredible hard. You even give people the choice to select easy and hard and I thought “hey let’s beat this one in easy mode and then switch to hard” but even the easy mode is FRUSTRATING like hell. People play games for the fun of it. Nobody wants to get depressed when they play a game while this is the most depressing game I’ve ever played. I tried the running away from the bear part so many times and eventually gave up because it’s too hard = no fun.
Make the game EASIER so people will get to see the rest of it. And when I say EASY I actually mean easy not like you who did some easy mode that’s complicated like shit.