Entry #45

where is the skyrim collab?

2011-12-23 07:37:53 by MarkP0rter

i once read someone was doing a skyrim collab. is it done already? still possible to join? what happened to it?
cant find it anymore so please let me know if you know anything about it thx


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2011-12-23 10:48:06

how many more jokes could skyrim possibly have left at this point?

MarkP0rter responds:

i didnt see anyone make a pedo joke about "what do boys do around here to have some fun?


2014-04-25 21:01:57

I was hoping there'd be a TMNT trailer collab... but the only joke seems to be "It's just a mask, see?"
Hope you're still alive and kicking, I met 2 ppl IRL recently, who raved about the Art Portal :)