Animated couple SEX- ADULTS ONLY! Kinky shit.

2007-11-11 12:55:26 by MarkP0rter

Alright I just tricked you with the title (which worked well) now you get the treat to watch my Halloween Movie "Spooky Wookiee Gwar"

Enjoy it like Andrew Kepple, Slintas and ZekeySpaceyLizard did.

Animated couple SEX- ADULTS ONLY! Kinky shit.


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2007-11-11 13:26:20



2007-11-11 13:33:16

DAMN YOUUUU! prankster


2007-11-11 13:47:45

You should do more of those "Mark POrter point of views".
Those are so funny!


2007-11-11 13:51:46

I agree with HandsomeWarrior! I reviewed part 2 ages ago and was hoping for more. Where are parts 1 & 3?

MarkP0rter responds:

wow i cant believe it! somebody out there really wants to see more of Mark Porter's Point of View. i got an alright score and 3 nice reviews which i really enjoyed but i figured 3 reviews isnt much and people dont like it. i posted it on some forums and people REALLY hated it a lot. i can see why: there wasnt much animation going on so it was just talking. people come to newgrounds for animations and not talking so i stopped making those even though i had others planned and even recorded voices. i was also told my voice is AWFUL. on some forum (ebaums world) i was told british accents are awful and i should kill myself so I just stopped.
Thanks a lot for enjoying Mark Porter's Point of View. You make me wonder if I should release another episode of it.


2007-11-11 14:27:40

Nah I don't think I will =P


2007-11-11 15:00:21

oh WOW you're clever, noone has EVER EVEN TRIED TO DO THAT BEFORE

MarkP0rter responds:

i know it has been done in the past but it still works so why should i try something new if this has been tested and turned out to work well. your reply just shows me how well it works


2007-11-11 17:20:53